About us

Oronero is a democratic, no-profit organisation for the cultural and social promotion of a peaceful, economic development and cultural exchange between different populations. People living in volcanic areas are at the very heart of the work. Oronero promotes the values, idiosyncrasies and environmental richness of the areas around both land and marine volcanoes. Beginning with Mount Vesuvius, Oronero promotes a meeting between different peoples and the myriad of possible relationships and symbiotic forms that have developed alongside the volcano over time. Working with the principles of dialogue, Oronero promotes voluntary educational initiatives, sustainable growth, exchange of positive practices, scientific and technological innovation, sustainable tourism, defence of basic rights and the promotion of peace, solidarity, the protection of the environment, landscape, cultural heritage, archeological sites and historical and artistic patrimony, biodiversity and the valorization of typical food and wine, personal safety and philosophical understanding and development.


Oronero promotes the creation and development of a network to initiate a universal village as a meeting point for culture, debate, creativity, co-operation and exchange. It a space for the celebration of human knowledge, culture and diversity. Oronero promotes dialogue on the environment, agricultural solutions, biodiversity, forms of energy and the conservation of endogenous seeds. Oronero promotes intelligent and sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, movement of peoples and travellers, scientific and technological innovation, food and wine, architecture, city planning, music, literature, theatre, dance, sport, cinema, philosophy, painting, sculpture and all other forms of art.


Oronero seeks the right to live peacefully in an open, inclusive and sustainable dimension, regardless of sex, language, religion, political opinion and personal or social conditions. These sacrosanct rights combine with duties of political, economic and social solidarity that protect and defend both material and immaterial cultural heritage with the aim of creating harmonious sharing. Oronero defends cultural sovereignty in all its forms; its roots, identity, traditions, food quality and craftsmanship excellence. It promotes the protection of biological diversity and respect for the workplace, which includes the ambient and the workers tied to it. Oronero affirms historical value and all forms of environmental wealth.