who is Gino


Gino Ambrosio is above all an explorer, driven by a quest to understand the world around him. A fearless traveller attracted to the magnificence of the planet, the essence of being and the majesty of the elements.
These photographs are the wondrous fruit of his thirst for knowledge and empathy for the extraordinary and spectacular displays offered by the volcanoes he has climbed over the years in each and every corner of the world. They are photographs brimming with power and mystery. For yes, during his countless journeys across the globe, Gino Ambrosio learnt to take photographs. And he learnt well.
You will be amazed by these astonishing, almost magical works at Oronero’s temporary exhibition held at the Reggia di Portici from the 22 – 31 of May, 2018.
Come and see for yourself. These portraits of extremely powerful forces of nature will leave you breathless.

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